Wednesday, October 31, 2007

College Courtyard Apartments November 2007 Newsletter

Nevada Men’s Football

Nee Mexico State November 2
Hawaii November 16
San Jose State November 24
Louisiana Tech December 1

Nevada Men’s Basketball

Seattle Pacific (Exh.) November 3
Central Florida November 11
UC Irvine November 13
Santa Clara November 17
UNLV November 24
California November 28

Nevada Women’s Basketball

Sonoma State November 3
Santa Clara November 9
San Diego State November 11
Eastern Washington November 15
Gonzaga November 17
Steven F Austin November 23
UTEP November 24

(Home games in bold)

Message from Jamie

The College Courtyard Apartments are gated for your protection. Some of you appear to be our “gatekeeper” as you continually open the gate for anyone and everyone. This is dangerous and a violation of your lease. By opening the gate to strangers you are accepting liability for any damage or injury that occurs on the property or to our residents. Guests can “buzz” for entrance and only the resident should make the decision as to whether they want that person to enter the complex. There is always the chance that the resident is not home and then we have strangers roaming about the building. Please do not open the gate for strangers and do not let strangers enter through the gate as you enter or exit the building.

Watch Your Step

As winter arrives we must be ready for inclement weather and especially snowstorms. Please be careful and watch your step if a snowstorm should occur. We shovel snow and sand the sidewalks and steps after every storm but you should be cautious never the less. The sidewalk on the north side of the building gets little sun in the winter and the steep hill can be treacherous. Please be careful.

Useless Fact: The dot that appears over the letter "i" is called a tittle.

Look Both Ways

It is very important that all of you be careful when crossing Sierra Street. Even though the crosswalk is well marked many drivers are speeding or not paying attention to pedestrians. We are working with the City of Reno and we hope that a traffic light can be installed in the near future.

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No Beer Kegs

Beer kegs are strictly forbidden at the College Courtyard Apartments. Kegs are not allowed on the courtyard or in individual apartments. All of your leases clearly state that large gatherings are prohibited. Kegs are only for large gatherings. Please be aware that if you bring a keg onto the property we will begin eviction proceedings immediately

Useless Fact: During his entire life, Vincent Van Gogh sold exactly one painting, Red Vineyard at Arles.

Need More Storage Space?

The College Courtyard has storage lockers available for rent for only $20 per month. The 4’ by 5’ lockers are located on the second and third floors. These storage lockers are a great place to store skis, bicycles, or camping equipment. See Margaret for more information.


The College Courtyard Apartments are non-smoking student residences. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments, on the walkways, balconies and the courtyard. Guests entering the apartments with a cigarette may extinguish them in the urns by the front gate.

Useless fact: Leonardo Da Vinci never signed his most famous painting, the Mona Lisa.

Reserved Parking

Only residents may park in the garage and only in their assigned spaces. Cars that are parked in spaces not assigned to them will be booted and there is an $80 fee to remove the boot. If someone is in your assigned parking space call 691-8290 and a boot will be placed on the car. It is your responsibility if you change cars or have a different license plate number to inform Jamie. If your license number is not on file in the office your car may be booted.

More uselessness: Caterpillar means "hairy cat" in Old French.

Useless Fact: The pound key (#) on the keyboard is called an octothorpe.


A vacuum is available for your use. If you wish to borrow our vacuum it can be checked out at the office. Please return the vacuum immediately after use, as other students may need to use it.

Laundry Rooms

Please be considerate of your neighbors and do not leave your clothes in the washers or dryers unattended after the washing and drying cycle.

More Uselessness: A language becomes extinct in this world every two weeks.

For Your Safety

The safety of our residents is of the highest priority. The College Courtyard Apartments are under 24-hour video surveillance and all entrances are gated. You can do your part to make sure the College Courtyard Apartments are a secure and safe place to live. Never give your key or garage transmitter to others. Report any damage or repairs that may be necessary to maintain safe conditions. That would include lights out in the common areas, parking garage, stairwells, front entrance and laundry rooms.

More Useless Facts: The music for "The Star Spangled Banner" comes from a British drinking song named "Anacreon."

Watch the Gate

Please be very careful when driving through the garage gate. If the gate is going down, DO NOT try to slip under the gate. Once the gate begins to go down it will not stop if you press the button on the garage gate opener. It will only stop when it hits something and it could do considerable damage to both your car and the gate if this occurs. The gate is set to stay up an adequate amount of time for one car. You will be held responsible for any damage if the camera shows that you tried to slip through the gate inappropriately.

More Useless Facts: Fido means faithful in Latin.