Saturday, February 28, 2009

At The College Courtyard - Individual Leases Protect Our Residents

One of the great things about living at the College Courtyard Apartments is the individual leases. If one of your roommates skips out you are not responsible for their rent. That isn't the case if you rent a traditional apartment or house. If your roommate skips out you must pay the difference. No worries like that at the College Courtyard.

Friday, February 20, 2009

College Courtyard - More of What Makes Us The Best In Student Living

  • A five minute walk to the center of the campus. No waiting for shuttles or paying for an expensive parking permit. Our free parking is equivalent to Silver permit parking - a $380 value.
  • A sink and vanity in each bedroom. No waiting for your roommate to "get beautiful".
  • No Stacked Parking - Some of our neighboring apartment complexes have stacked parking. One car is parked in front of the other. Can you imagine needing to go somewhere and the owner of the car behind you is nowhere to be found? That won't happen at the College Courtyard. All of our residents have single garage or permit street parking.
  • Large kitchens with a dining table and chairs.
  • Located on a quiet side street.
  • Gated with security cameras at all of our entrances.
  • Owned locally by University of Nevada graduates. We take great pride in our University, Apartments and the Students who live in our facility.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

College Courtyard - Cheaper Than The Dorms

A single room at the University of Nevada dorms is $5,990 (not including the expensive food card). Divided by 12 months that's $500 a month. At the College Courtyard Apartments, our most expensive lease is $445 a month. Our apartments include free parking, free DSL and a beautiful kitchen. Oh, and one more get to stay for 12 months. At the dorms they kick you out in rent is really $665 a month. Another reason we are the best in student living.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cook in Your Apartment and Save!!!

Each of the apartments at the College Courtyard have spacious kitchens that include stove, oven, microwave and a dishwasher. Compared to the dorms and their expensive food cards we are a great bargain. The University forces all dorm students to select one of these food card options when living in a dorm:

Platinum for $4,099 (21 meals per week)

Gold for $3,899 (11 meals per week)

Silver for $ 3549 (9 meals per week)

Bronze for $2,999 (7 meals per week)

These are the 2008/09 school year prices. Want to bet they are going up in the next year? That's right, the minimum food card is a whopping $3,000 with only seven meals a week. Maybe it's a forced weight loss program. Do you know how much food you can buy at Walmart for that much money? Plenty. And that's for just one student. Our residents often cook together to save even more.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The College Courtyard Apartments - Best Value for Students - One Block From UNR

The College Courtyard Apartments are the best choice for student living. Located one short block for the University of Nevada on the quiet west side we offer the best in student living.One block from the University of Nevada at 1150 Seminary Avenue. Amenities include:

-Save short block from UNR
-Free gated garage or on-street parking.......Why pay UNR over $380 for silver parking?
-Free DSL (A $360 value)
-Fully furnished
-Microwave ovens
-Individual sink and vanity in each bedroom
-Individual leases
-Gated for security with 24 hour video surveillance at all entrances
-Free computer lab
-On-site laundry
-Cable TV available in each bedroom
-Fire sprinklers and 24 hour monitoring
-A courtyard with a barbeque, tables, chairs and umbrellas
-Friendly staff
-Owned by University of Nevada graduates.

Compare us to the dorms. Our prices and amenities can't be beat. From $435 a month.

Phone us at 775-786-1150 or e-mail

Our living rooms include a futon, end tables, coffee table. lamp and TV stand.

Our kitchens include range and oven, microwave, dishwasher, pantry and refrigerator. Our kitchens also have a table and four chairs.

Each bedroom is furnished with a bed, dresser, desk and chair. Each bedroom has a full closet. Each bedroom is wired for cable and telephone. We offer free DSL to each bedroom.

Each bedroom has a sink and vanity.

Each four bedroom apartment has two bathrooms. There is a sink and vanity in each bedroom.

We have both garage and street level parking available. The garage is gated. No stacked parking!!!
The College Courtyard Apartments are located one block west of the University of Nevada campus at 1150 Seminary Avenue (one block off Sierra Street at 11th). Call us at 775-786-1150 for more information or to reserve your spot. Don't delay...we fill up fast. For more information go to You can email us at

College Courtyard Apartments February 2009 Newsletter

Free DSL is a $360 Value

In this economy, every dollar saved can help pay for books and tuition. That’s why living at the College Courtyard Apartments is the best value for University of Nevada students. We offer free DSL to every bedroom. That free DSL would cost you $360 per year at other apartment complexes or rental houses.

Nevada Men’s Basketball Schedule

Louisiana Tech February 05
New Mexico State February 07
San Jose State February 12
Hawaii February 14
Bracket Buster February 21
Fresno State February 26
Utah State February 28

Nevada Women’s Basketball Schedule

San Jose State February 01
Fresno State February 06
Utah State February 08
New Mexico State February 13
La Tech February 15
Idaho February 20
Boise State February 22
Fresno State February 27

(Home games in bold)
Message from Rebecca

It is really nice to have you return “home” from the holidays and I hope that each of you had a great time with your families and friends. To repeat our wish for the New Year, I hope that all of you will help to keep the complex clean, quiet and safe. Your guests need to be reminded that they should not climb over the planters or railings to enter the complex. Remember, you are responsible for any damage they cause. Being a considerate and responsible resident goes a long way in having a great place to live for everyone. You and your guest’s behavior not only affect your apartment but also can disrupt others. It is our wish that everyone work together to make this a great place to live. It takes all of us to accomplish this task. Welcome home!

For Your Safety

The safety of our residents is of the highest priority. The College Courtyard Apartments are under 24-hour video surveillance and all entrances are gated. You can do your part to make sure the College Courtyard Apartments are a secure and safe place to live. Never give your key or garage transmitter to others. Please report any damage or repairs that may be necessary to maintain safe conditions. That would include lights out in the common areas, parking garage, stairwells, front entrance and laundry rooms.

Watch Your Step

During the winter months we make every effort to keep the sidewalks and stairs free of snow and ice. Never the less, please use caution after a storm. Use the handrails on the stairs and step carefully when on the sidewalk to the north of the building as it is steep and gets little sun.

Useless Fact: The word Himalayas means the "home of snow."

More Useless Facts: The third biggest party day after New Year's and Super Bowl Sunday is Halloween.

Laundry Rooms Don’t Like Cold Weather

During the cold winter months it is important that the windows in the laundry rooms remain closed. Open windows may cause the pipes to freeze and cause considerable damage. This will force us to close the laundry rooms until they are repaired. None of us want that to happen so please be careful.

Useless Fact: Astronauts get taller when they are in space.

Need More Storage Space?

The College Courtyard has storage lockers available for rent for only $25 per month. The 4’ by 5’ lockers are located on the second and third floors. These storage lockers are a great place to store skis, bicycles, or camping equipment. See Rebecca for more information.

Snacks Available

As you study for your exams does the grumble of your stomach keep you from concentrating? A quick snack can help you quell those hunger pangs. Snack and drink machines are available in the first floor laundry room. It’s quick, easy and convenient.

Useless Fact: DC-10, the name of an airplane stands for "Douglas Commercial."

No Parking

The area in front of the dumpster is a no parking zone. Cars parked in the area in front of the dumpster are subject to towing. In addition, Reno Disposal writes down the license plate number of cars that block the dumpster and violators may have to pay for additional garbage pickups.

Useless Fact: The most expensive spice in the world is saffron.


A vacuum is available for your use. If you wish to borrow our vacuum it can be checked out at the office. Please return the vacuum immediately after use, as other students may need to use it.

2009/2010 School Year

Residents wishing to stay at the College Courtyard after their current lease expires must inform Rebecca by March 1, 2009. If notice is not received by March 1st we will assume that you intend to vacate your apartment when your lease expires and we will begin the process of leasing it to new students. Please note, we will not be raising rent for students who re-sign leases before March 31, 2009.

Useless Fact: Istanbul, Turkey is the only city in the world located on two continents.

Your Free Parking Is a $380 Value

Parking at the University of Nevada is expensive. Silver permit parking is real expensive. The annual fee to park in a silver permit lot is $380. The parking lot at the southwest corner of Sierra and 11th is silver permit parking. Right across the street is the College Courtyard Apartments. Our residents enjoy the value of silver permit parking for free. Go to and find the parking permit and fee map to compare.

Useless Fact: The country of Fiji is made up of 332 islands.

Please Don’t Drink and Drive

Your safety is important to us. Please don’t drink and drive. If you drink alcohol (please be 21 years of age and older) get a designated driver or walk home. Don’t ruin your life with a DUI or worse, death of yourself or others. It’s not worth it.