Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cook in Your Apartment and Save!!!

Each of the apartments at the College Courtyard have spacious kitchens that include stove, oven, microwave and a dishwasher. Compared to the dorms and their expensive food cards we are a great bargain. The University forces all dorm students to select one of these food card options when living in a dorm:

Platinum for $4,099 (21 meals per week)

Gold for $3,899 (11 meals per week)

Silver for $ 3549 (9 meals per week)

Bronze for $2,999 (7 meals per week)

These are the 2008/09 school year prices. Want to bet they are going up in the next year? That's right, the minimum food card is a whopping $3,000 with only seven meals a week. Maybe it's a forced weight loss program. Do you know how much food you can buy at Walmart for that much money? Plenty. And that's for just one student. Our residents often cook together to save even more.

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