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College Courtyard Apartments October 2012 Newsletter

Homecoming 2012

The University of Nevada Reno will be celebrating Homecoming the week of October 1–7, 2012. Show your Wolf Pack pride by wearing silver and blue all week long. FREE lunch on Monday from Bo Dawgs at the Joe. Tuesday the FREE Blue Flu BBQ will be held at the Joe from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Wednesday the Wolves Frolic will be at 7pm in the Joe ballroom. Friday night, the pep rally and bon fire will be at Enterprise Road North of the Center for Molecular Medicine. On Saturday there will a parade up Virginia Street followed by a pregame student party at Legacy Hall. The University of Nevada football team will host Wyoming at Mackay Stadium at 4:05pm.
Nevada Football

Wyoming                     October 6
UNLV                            October 13
San Diego State           October 20
Air Force                       October 26

Women’s Volleyball

UNLV                           October 4
Fresno State                 October 6
Air Force                       October 11
Boise                            October 13
New Mexico                  October 20
Wyoming                     October 25
Colorado State             October 22
San Jose State             October 27
Fresno State                 November 1     

(Home games in bold)

Be a Good Neighbor

The goal of all of the residents of the College Courtyard Apartments is to achieve a quality education at the University of Nevada. An atmosphere that is conducive for studying is imperative. Please be considerate of your roommates and neighbors and keep noise to a minimum. We will not tolerate loud or large parties on the Courtyard or in the apartments and will take appropriate action against those residents who violate the noise rules.


A vacuum is available for your use. If you wish to borrow our vacuum it can be checked out at the office. Please return the vacuum immediately after use, as other students may need to use it.

Interesting Fact: The sea cucumber spills its internal organs out as a defense mechanism.

Laundry Rooms

Please be considerate of your neighbors and do not leave your clothes in the washers or dryers unattended after the washing and drying cycle.

Enjoy the Courtyard

The Courtyard is a great place to catch some rays or relax. Please remember to lower the umbrellas after use and keep the area clean. We will keep the patio furniture on the courtyard until the end of the month.

Please Don’t Drink and Drive

Your safety is important to us. Please don’t drink and drive. If you drink alcohol (please be 21 years of age and older) get a designated driver or walk home. Don’t ruin your life with a DUI or worse, death of yourself or others. It’s not worth it.

Interesting Fact: In 1681 the last dodo bird died.

Garbage Tossing Is Not Sport

Please be considerate and do not throw your garbage from the stairwell landing towards the dumpster. Many times your aim is not on target and a mess is created.  This is both unsightly and unsanitary. We would appreciate your cooperation.

Interesting Fact: The Chihuahua Desert is the largest desert in North America, and is over 200,000 square miles.

Need More Storage Space?

The College Courtyard has storage lockers available for rent for only $25 per month. The 4’ by 5’ lockers are located on the second and third floors. These storage lockers are a great place to store skis, bicycles, or camping equipment. See Rebecca for more information.

Interesting fact: New York City was briefly the U.S. capital from 1789 to 1790.

Follow Us on Twitter

The College Courtyard Apartments has a Twitter account. Follow our tweets at

Interesting Fact: Great White sharks have about 3,000 teeth.

No Beer Kegs

Beer kegs are strictly forbidden at the College Courtyard Apartments.  Kegs are not allowed on the courtyard or in individual apartments. All of your leases clearly state that large gatherings are prohibited. Kegs are only for large gatherings. Please be aware that if you bring a keg onto the property we will begin eviction proceedings immediately

For Your Safety

The safety of our residents is of the highest priority. The College Courtyard Apartments are under 24-hour video surveillance and all entrances are gated. You can do your part to make sure the College Courtyard Apartments are a secure and safe place to live. Never give your key or garage transmitter to others. Report any damage or repairs that may be necessary to maintain safe conditions. That would include lights out in the common areas, parking garage, stairwells, front entrance and laundry rooms.

Watch Your Step

As the seasons begin to change a sudden winter storm is always a possibility. Please be careful and watch your step if a snowstorm should occur. We shovel snow and sand the sidewalks and steps after every storm but you should be cautious never the less. The sidewalk on the north side of the building gets little sun in the winter and the steep hill can be treacherous. Please be careful.

Reserved Parking

Only residents may park in the garage and only in their assigned spaces. Cars that are parked in spaces not assigned to them will be booted and there is an $80 fee to remove the boot. If someone is in your assigned parking space call 691-8290 and a boot will be placed on the car. It is your responsibility if you change cars or have a different license plate number to inform Rebecca. If your license number is not on file in the office your car may be booted.

Interesting Fact: An olive tree can live up to 1500 years.

Interesting Fact: In 1903, Mary Anderson invented the windshield wipers.

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