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College Courtyard Apartments - January 2021 Newsletter


Happy New Year!

 The New Year has arrived and we are looking forward to a happy and prosperous 2021 for everyone. As you settle into the spring semester, remember to be considerate of the other residents and keep noise to a minimum. We know that all of you hope to benefit greatly from your college education and to do that it is important to have a pleasant and peaceful study environment. We wish all of you the best for the coming year. Study hard and bring home A’s.

 Nevada Men’s Basketball Schedule

 San Jose State             January 2

Utah State                   January 5

Univ. of New Mexico     January 9

Colorado State              January 12

UNLV                           January 16

Univ. of New Mexico     January 26

Fresno State                January 30

Nevada Women’s Basketball Schedule

 Wyoming                    January 2

Utah State                   January 5

Univ. of New Mexico   January 9

Colorado State              January 12

UNLV                           January 16

Univ. of New Mexico     January 26

Fresno State                January 30

 (Home games in bold)

Interesting Fact: A snail can sleep for three years.

Message From Phyllis

Fight The COVID-19

 We must be diligent in our efforts to keep the virus from spreading.

·        Wash your hands

·        Wear a mast when going out

·        Stay at home if possible

·        No large parties or gatherings

·        Keep six feet from others

·        Don’t touch your face

·        Clean and sanitize all surfaces in your apartment

 Your Free Parking Is a $570 Value

Parking at the University of Nevada is expensive. Silver permit parking is real expensive. The annual fee to park in a silver permit lot is $570. The parking lot at the southwest corner of Sierra and 11th is silver permit parking. Right across the street is the College Courtyard Apartments. Our residents enjoy the value of silver permit parking for free. Go to and find the parking permit and fee map to compare.

Interesting Fact: Boeing uses potatoes to test their in-flight Wi-Fi, as they reflect and absorb the signals similarly to people. The project is called Synthetic Personnel Using Dialectic Substitution- or SPUDS.

Watch Your Step

 During the winter months we make every effort to keep the sidewalks and stairs free of snow and ice. Never the less, please use caution after a storm. Use the handrails on the stairs and step carefully when on the sidewalk to the north of the building as it is steep and gets little sun.

 Interesting Fact: Baked beans are actually not baked, but stewed.

No Hover Boards

Until a safe hover board is manufactured, they are banned from the College Courtyard Apartments. These devices have proved to be dangerous——especially when being charged.

Interesting Fact: We shake hands to show we’re unarmed. 

.Laundry Rooms Don’t Like Cold Weather

During the cold winter months it is important that the windows in the laundry rooms remain closed. Open windows may cause the pipes to freeze and cause considerable damage. This will force us to close the laundry rooms until they are repaired. None of us want that to happen so please be careful.

Need More Storage Space?

 The College Courtyard has storage lockers available for rent for only $30 per month. The 4’ by 5’ lockers are located on the second and third floors. These storage lockers are a great place to store skis, bicycles, or camping equipment. See Phyllis for more information.

 Free Wi-Fi is a $540 Value

In this economy, every dollar saved can help pay for books and tuition. That’s why living at the College Courtyard Apartments is the best value for University of Nevada students. We offer free Wi-Fi to every bedroom. That free Wi-Fi would cost you $540 per year at other apartment complexes or rental houses. 

No Parking

 The area in front of the dumpster is a no parking zone. Cars parked in the area in front of the dumpster are subject to towing. In addition, Waste Management writes down the license plate number of cars that block the dumpster and violators may have to pay for additional garbage pickups.

 Interesting Fact:  Hawaiian pizza was created in Ontario, Canada, by Greek immigrant Sam Panopoulos in 1962. 

 Minimum Temp

Per your lease, the minimum temperature in your apartment is 60 degrees. This insures that the pipes do not freeze in extreme cold weather. You will be liable for damage if this temperature minimum is not maintained.

 Interesting Fact:  The original title of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was First Impressions.

2021/2022 School Year

 Residents wishing to stay at the College Courtyard after their current lease expires must inform Phyllis by February 15, 2021.  If notice is not received by February 15th we will assume that you intend to vacate your apartment when your lease expires and we will begin the process of leasing it to new students. Thank you for choosing us as your home.

 Interesting Fact: The earth’s circumference is 24,900 miles. 

Sleep In, We’re a 5 Minute Walk to Class

The location of the College Courtyard Apartments is the best for students. We are on a quiet side street, just one block west of the University of Nevada campus.

Interesting Fact: Cows don’t actually have four stomachs; they have one stomach with four compartments. 

Please Don’t Drink and Drive

Your safety is important to us. Please don’t drink and drive. If you drink alcohol (please be 21 years of age and older) get a designated driver or walk home. Don’t ruin your life with a DUI or worse, death of yourself or others. It’s not worth it.


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