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College Courtyard Apartments - April 2023 Newsletter


Nevada Men’s Baseball Schedule

San Jose State April 1-2

UNLV         April 6-8

Cal                 April 10

Air Force          April 14-16

San Diego State         April 21-23

Sacramento State     April 25

Long Beach         April 28

Grand Canyon         April 29-30

Nevada Women’s Softball Schedule

Utah State         April 1-2

Sacrament State         April 4

Santa Clara         April 5

Boise State         April 12

San Diego State         April 15-16

Fresno State         April 21-23

New Mexico         April 28-30

Nevada Women’s Track Schedule

Mike Fanelli Classic April 1

Stanford Invitational April 1

Sacramento Invitational April 7-8

Mt SAC Relays April 12-15

Clay Invitational April 12-14

Beach Invitational         April 15

Fresno State Invite         April 29

(Home games in bold)

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Good Luck on Your Final Exams

As the Spring Semester comes to an end, it is time to start focusing on final exams and papers. It is imperative that all of you do well on these undertakings. A quiet study atmosphere is necessary for everyone to do their very best. Please be considerate of the other residents of the College Courtyard and keep noise to a minimum so that everyone can concentrate and succeed. 

Message from Phyllis

Location, location, location. There is nothing like the location of the College Courtyard Apartments. We are a half block from the campus and yet we are on a quiet side street. While living at the College Courtyard you can actually get up five minutes before class and still make it on time. No worries about catching a shuttle or trying to find a parking space when you live at the College Courtyard. This is just one more reason this is a great place to live.

Parking is Free and Easy

As many of you know, the University of Nevada continues to increase the parking fees on campus. The University has parking fee increases scheduled every year for the next five years. Fortunately, the residents of the College Courtyard Apartments don’t have to worry about these increases. Our residents enjoy free parking that is close to the campus. Our parking is the equivalent of Silver Reserve Permit parking and is a $740 value. With our students, instead of driving round and round looking for a parking space or waiting for a shuttle bus you can have another 20 minutes of precious sleep. That’s a real bonus and another benefit of living at the College Courtyard.

Please Don’t Drink and Drive

For your safety and the safety of others, please don’t drink and drive. Your futures are too bright to be wasted by a DUI or worse. Get a designated driver, walk or call a taxi but please do not get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence.

Interesting Fact: The brand name Spam is a combination of “spice” and “ham”.

Interesting Fact: It takes a drop of water 90 days to travel the entire Mississippi River.

No Hover Boards

Until a safe hover board is manufactured, they are banned from the College Courtyard Apartments. These devices have proved to be dangerous——especially when being charged. Having a hover board in your apartment could lead to eviction.

Interesting Fact: Japan has one vending machine for every 40 people.

Need Storage For The Summer?

The College Courtyard has storage lockers available for rent for only $30 per month. The 4’ by 5’ lockers are located on the second and third floors. These storage lockers are a great place to store skis, bicycles, or camping equipment. See Phyllis for more information.

Free DSL/Wi-Fi is a $540 Value

In this economy, every dollar saved can help pay for books and tuition. That’s why living at the College Courtyard Apartments is the best value for University of Nevada students. We offer free DSL to every bedroom. That free DSL would cost you $540 per year at other apartment complexes or rental houses.  

Interesting Fact Lemons float, but limes sink.

Interesting Fact: McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli.


A vacuum is available for your use. If you wish to borrow our vacuum it can be checked out at the office. Please return the vacuum immediately after use, as other students may need to use it.

Wiegand Fitness Center

The Wiegand Fitness Center is a short walk from the College Courtyard Apartments. This $47 million facility is a great amenity for all University of Nevada students.

Interesting Fact: There’s only one letter that doesn’t appear in any U.S. state name: Q

No Smoking

The College Courtyard Apartments are non-smoking student residences. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments, on the walkways, balconies and the courtyard. Guests entering the apartments with a cigarette may extinguish them in the urns by the front gate. 

Laundry Rooms

Please be considerate of your neighbors and do not leave your clothes in the washers or dryers unattended after the washing and drying cycle.

Interesting Fact: A cow-bison hybrid is called a beefalo.

Look Both Ways

It is very important that all of you be careful when crossing Sierra Street. Even though the crosswalk is well marked many drivers are speeding or not paying attention to pedestrians. Make sure you use the flashing lights by pressing the button. 

Interesting Fact: That tiny pocket in jeans was designed to store pocket watches.

Interesting Fact: Cats have fewer toes on their back paws.

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